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Popularity Of Online Shopping

Popularity Of Online Shopping These Days

Popularity Of Online Shopping These Days

Hey! This is Ankit Singh again. As you know Online Shopping is a boom these days. Wherever technology goes, people go in that direction. I know when you were a child, you go with your mom and dad to go shopping. But, now due to technology you save time as well as your parent’s time. These days Online Shopping is very popular among youngster, teenager and even old people are also taking interest in it. Today generation is a  generation of technology, smartphone and laptop. Do you know whose websites are the most famous website? If you don’t know then don’t worry, I’ll tell you. There is two very famous online shopping website which is Amazon and Flipkart. I am pretty sure that you must have heard the name of these  2 popular online shopping. There are many good other online shopping websites, for example, Snapdeal, Myntra, Limeroad, Jabong, Shopclues, Nykaa, and many more.

About Amazon.com


In the symbol of Amazon, you can see an arrow which starts from ‘a’ and end at ‘z’, this arrow means a to z which means you can buy anything from here. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos first sell books on his website, later on, he started selling everything. Jeff Bezos is founder, CEO, chairman, and president of Amazon.

Do you Know? Amazon is the world’s largest internet company by return.

About Flipkart.com


Flipkart is founded by two Indian named as Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. Like Amazon, this company sell books in his starting phase. Later on, Flipkart starts selling all other product. After seeing the popularity of Flipkart, Walmart buys Flipkart in $16 billion dollars.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the second reason why online shopping is very famous these days. Through online shopping, you don’t only buy things as well as you can also earn money from these online shopping websites. Affiliate marketing means if you help in selling products of online shopping website, then you will get a cut or commission. That cut or commission depends according to products which you help in selling. Cut or commission vary product to product. For some product, cut or commission will be 10%-20%, for some more than 20% and for some less than 10%.


It totally depends on you that which mode of shopping you want i.e offline or Online. Both have their own pros and cons, but according to me, online shopping is the best mode of shopping because it saves you lots of time, energy and petrol. In today world, everything is done with a smartphone, whether it is shopping or anything else. In the festive season, many online shopping websites give you a huge discount on the product, as the market for this online shopping is very crowded. Competition is very high, but you don’t have to worry, you just enjoy your shopping.

My tip: Start affiliate marketing and earn some money, and then buy the dress  or any products from that money.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope my tip will be helpful for you.