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Horror Game for android

Best Horror Game for Android

Best Horror Game for Android

So you want to download Horror game on your android phone? I know you want to download that’s why you are reading this article. If you love horror game and horror movie then you and I have the same taste. There are lots of horror games which are available in the Google Play Store. If the download size of any game is high, then it is sure that that game has high graphics. So, it’s all depending on you, how much internet data you can spend to download horror game for Android. You can expect very high graphics of horror game which are available in the Google Play Store. My recommendation is that those horror game which download size is near to 100MB or more than 100MB then that game seems to have high graphics.  Rather than downloading 2-3 horror game of low downloading size, download 100MB downloading size of a horror game.

Horror Hospital: Best Horror Game

Horror Game

As the name suggests, there is a horror hospital in this game. The is two part of this game, namely Horror Hospital and Horror hospital 2. I played both the game, so I came to a point that Horror Hospital 2 is better than Horror Hospital (Part 1). Both parts are published by Heisen Games. Now let’s talk about Horror Hospital 2. With over 4.1 star rating and 10M+ download this game rank first in my horror game list. I want to say that if you are a heart patient, then please don’t play this game as I don’t want you to die. Do you know, why I am saying this because the ghost or demon appears suddenly in front of you. Many users of this game are waiting for the release of part 3 i.e. Horror Hospital 3.

Horror Hospital

If you love to play horror games then you should try this game. The main feature of this game is spooky atmosphere, amazing graphics, a gripping story, and detailed areas.

The Fear 3: Horror Game

Horror Game Android

The Fear 3: Creepy Scream House Horror Game is the full name of this game. With over 4.1 star rating and 100k+ downloads, this horror game marks its place in 2nd position in my best horror game of Android. There is a total of 3 part of this game and this is the 3rd part of it. This horror game is divided into many small parts in which you have to complete the objective. If you fell directionless then this horror game indicates you with the yellow line that where you have to go (as you can see in this picture).

Best horror game

You can control the sensitivity through the setting. This game is available in many languages like Hindi, English (US and American), Russian, Chinese, French, German and many more. The only things I hate the most about this game is that non-skip able ads i.e. you have to watch full ads.


In this article, I mention the best 2 horror game of Android. I hope you will download and play this horror game. See you in my next tech blog, till then take care!

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