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Best DSLR Camera

Top Best DSLR Camera in 2019

Best DSLR Camera

Hey friend! This is Ankit Singh, your tech Advisor. Today I am gonna talk about the best DSLR you should buy. you must be reading this article because you wanted to buy a DSLR. right? If you want to start a photography camera or if you want to just do it as your hobby, you have decided right to buy a camera. I ‘ll tell you about the best DSLR today which I have used and trust me its the best camera I have ever used in my life. As you might know, the price of a DSLR camera is very high so my recommendation is to don’t buy any camera before knowing their feature. I have seen people many people who buy any DSLR camera and later on, they cry.  I am saying this because I am seen this. You should buy a DSLR camera according to your need and interest, I mean to say that if want to wildlife photographer then buy those cameras who is best for wildlife photography or if you want to become portrait photographer then buy those DSLR cameras which is best for portrait photography. In this article, I will reveal the name of the best DSLR camera which is best for all type of photography i.e wildlife, portrait, landscape, etc.

So let’s start and talk about the best DSLR camera.

Canon Eos 1300D: Best DSLR Camera

Best DSLR Camera

Yes, my reader, you read it right. Canon EOS 1300 D, it is the best DSLR camera for you. If you want to purchase the best DSLR Camera, then purchase Canon Eos 1300D. According to me, Canon Eos 1300D is the best DSLR Camera. I am still using this camera. So you guys will question why this camera is a best DSLR camera. Let me explain in detail about its price and feature.

Price and Feature of Canon Eos 1300D

Price: $367.96 ( In Amazon) and  $433.05(Flipkart)

Megapixel: 18MP
Weight: 485g
Included Components: 18-55mm IS II Lens, 16GB Memory Card and Carry Case
Screen Size: 3 inches
Optical Zoom: 18
Min Shutter Speed: 1/4000
ISO: 10 to 6400 sensitivity range (critical for capturing grain-free pictures, especially in very low light)

Image Processor: DIGIC 4+ with nine autofocus points (which is important for speed and accuracy of burst and autofocus photography)
Video Resolution: Record video in Full HD video with selectable frame rates and full  (which is great for high-quality and precision video work)
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth built in and NFC (useful for transferring pictures wirelessly and remote control your camera)
Lens Mount: EF-S mount compatible with all EF-S and EF lenses (crop-sensor mount compact and versatile, especially when used with EF-S lenses

Photos clicked by Canon Eos 1300D

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You can check out some photos which are clicked through my CANON EOS 1300D DSLR Camera.



So guys, how are you feeling now after knowing the name of best DSLR Camera. This DSLR camera is best for the beginner as well as for professionals. If you are a beginner or a professional photographer then you should buy this camera and start clicking the picture with this beautiful DSLR camera. Al the best for your photography carrier.
– Keep Clicking, Kepp Inspiring.