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Download Instagram Story

How to Download Instagram stories

How to Download Instagram stories

So an Instagrammer is reading this article, right? I know I am right. If you aren’t an Instagrammer, and still want to read this article then this says that you have curiosity, and I love these types of people. So, I know nowadays everyone has an account on Instagram because Instagram is a very popular social networking site among all.

What is Instagram Story?

In simple, we can say that the Instagram story is just like a Whatsapp story. There is almost no difference between Instagram story and Whatsapp story, like you can see who seen your story, you can manage who can see your story (by hiding them) and the person who sees your story can reply. The only difference between stories of these to app is that, in Whatsapp only your phone contact can see your story (if they have WhatsApp account and they had added your WhatsApp number) whereas in Instagram only your follower can see your story (if your account is private) or everyone can see your story i.e. Follower+ Anyone ( if your account is public). The photo or video remain in your story just for 24 hours, which means after 24 hours it’s disappeared. There is two more difference between Instagram story and Whatsapp story, first one is you and the person who sees your story can share your story; and the second one is you can see your own story after 24 hours from achieve, whereas in Whatsapp there is no such feature.

Do you know? 
💡 You can increase you’re the view if your Instagram Story by adding location and hashtag (#) in your story.

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How to download video of Instagram Story?

I know my question was “How to download Instagram stories”, but now I changed the question to “How to download Instagram Videos of Instagram Story” because in stories you can upload photo and videos. So, if you want to download the photo from other Instagram story then simply screenshot that, this is the reason why I changed the question “How to download Instagram stories?” to “How to download Videos of the Instagram story?”

Almost every user of Instagram, use Instagram by their mobile phone (via Instagram official App). To download the Instagram story of others, you have to install the Instagram story download app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. If you type Instagram Saver, Instagram Story Downloader, Instagram Story Saver, Instagram Story download, Instagram download, etc. then you can see a lot of apps through which you can download Instagram Story. The name of such app is Story saver for Stories App, Story saver for Instagram, Story Save-Instagram Stories, Story saver for Instagram, etc. My personal favourite Instagram story downloader app is Story Saver for Stories App.

My Tip
💡 These apps are a third-party app, so we can trust them for our personal data. When you open these apps then you have to login in Instagram to download Instagram stories. My tip is not to use these apps, my tip is to login in Instagram in these apps through a fake id, so that your personal information is safe and secure. I am your tech adviser so I have to take care of your personal data and information too.


So how are you feeling now after knowing the answer of how to download Instagram stories?  I hope you get satisfied with my answer. I wish you have a nice day.

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