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Best Photo Editing App for Android

Best Photo Editing App for Android

If you are reading this article then I am pretty sure that there are at least 2 reasons behind it, the first one is you are a photographer (or you have an interest in photo editing) and the second one is your curiosity to know the name of best photo editing app for Android. I know my reader that why you prefer the photo editing app over professional photo editing software. There are mainly two reasons behind it, the first one is many of you can’t afford the high price of professional photo editing tool and the second reason is that the editing process of those professional photo editing software is very complex as compared to any photo editing app. One had ever said that to edit a photo like a pro you need professional photo editing software, in fact, you can edit a photo like a pro by photo editing app if you know the full feature of your photo editing app.

There are many photo editing app in the Google play store. In this article, I will discuss the top 3 photo editing app which is available ion Google Play Store. So are you ready and excited to know the name of the top 3 best photo editing app I know you are! So letโ€™s begin.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the full name of this photo editing app. This editing app marks its place in the first position on my list, because of many reason and feature. In this editing app, first, you have to add a photo which you want to edit like a pro. You can crop, rotate, and change basic things like brightness, contrast, etc. In profiles (like the filter of Instagram), you can use many profiles, some profile is in colour and some are in black & white. If you want to edit like a professional, then go to the Colour option, in which you can do selective colour, which means you can change the colour of any colour. Through this one feature, I love this app so much.

(This photo is edited by Lightroom)


Snapseed stands second in my top 3 best photo editing app. Like Lightroom, in this app you first you have to add photos to the app. Do you know why this app marks its place as 2nd in my list; it is because of 2 reasons. The first reason is its selective editing and the second one is to movie head in any direction in a plane. The style (like the filter of Instagram), is also good. Not only these features, but this app also has many other features, like HDR-Scape, Drama, Tonal Contrast, Vintage, Grainy Film, Lens Blur and many more.

(This photo is edited by Snapseed)


The slogan of this app is โ€˜Make Awesomeโ€™, which absolutely right. Yes, my reader, you can make awesome pic through this photo editing app. The feature which I love the most about this app is that we can make cut out and can add cutout from anywhere to make our pic awesome. If you use this feature with some creativity then you can edit like a pro. Along with this feature, you have also some other feature like Border, Text, Add Photo, etc.

(This photo is edited by PicsArt)


I hope you must download these 3 photo editing app to edit a photo like a pro. Thank You, my lovely reader, for reading the full article.