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Tiktok the new emerging craze among youth

Tiktok the new emerging craze among youth

Tik Tok earlier names as musical.ly. An app mostly uses for entertainment purposes. Tiktok is an application where you can create videos as per your creativity allows.

What is TikTok all about?

Tik Tok is basically an application used to make videos. This app consists of lots of features which attracts the young generation. You can share your videos with your friends your family and many more. This application has a lot of features which you can use to make your video more appealing. The application store consists of lots of video making applications but Tiktok has overshadowed the rest of them. Its popularity can be seen in every part of this globe. Special the teenagers and the youth are super crazy for this application.

An application which turns a normal human being into celebrity

Tik Tok popular Girl

This application has made many overnight stars. Some of the Tik Tok videos get so popular in social media that the artists performing in the video become overnight stars. This app has a scoreboard for the respective country and internationally. The artist among the top 10 positions is highly popular. These actors worked very hard to be on the number one position.

Tik tock Challenge which comes every week makes the user go crazy.

There are challenges related to videos which come every week. The user of this app goes crazy to participate in this challenge. They were lots of crazy challenges which got superb amongst its user.

Tiktok Ban

TikTok Ban

A few months earlier this app was banned in India. But now this band has been removed. This ban hit the headlines of all the major News channels and websites. Many users go to the extent of risking their life for making tiktok videos.
Everything has its pros and cons. This application is meant for entertainment purpose, and it is cool to use and enjoy its features. But don’t get addicted and be mature enough to use this application properly without risking ours and others life.

Spoken English enhancement videos on Tik Tok

There are many accounts on Tik Tok that helps the user to enhance their vocabulary as well as spoken English. There are lots of such type of account created on Tiktok for the people learning English. The videos are made in a very fun and interesting way so that the user or the learner can learn spoken English in a fun way. When we study something in a fun way we tend to remember it for a longer time.

Tiktok is a platform for artists to showcase their art

This app has also emerged as a stage for artists to showcase their artistic skills such as dance, singing, paintings, and many more. The user of Tik Tok can enjoy those arts and appreciate them as well. This also encourages the artist to use there best potential challenge and work harder on their art.

TikTok as an addiction

Tiktok is meant for entertainment purpose. But there are some users that are addicted to this app. Excess of anything is dangerous we all know it right. As a smart user of this app, we should not get addicted to it. We should enjoy this app and we should use this app for the portrayal of our art or hidden talent.

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