best pc shooting games

Best PC Shooting Games

Best PC Shooting Games

Hello Guys! How are you? I hope you will be awesome. So, if you are reading this article because of 2 reasons, the first one is you are a hardcore gamer and the second one is your curiosity to know the name of the best PC shooting Games. I will not reveal the name of the best shooting game now, because I love to create some suspense. So what do you think guys, which shooting game is the best shooting game all?

Counter Strike Condition Zero: Best PC Shooting Games

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I know guys, you don’t get shocked after knowing the name of Best PC Shooting Games as I know you already expecting this game to be the best shooting game. I know, many of you have played in this game. Counter-Strike: Condition zero launched many years ago, but its popularity is still so high. You can also play Counter-Strike: Condition Zero in both mode i.e. Online as well as offline. In offline mode, you have to achieve four medals namely, bronze, gold, silver and platinum. There are so many maps in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, for example, Dust, Dust 2, Piranesi, etc. In every map, you have to complete some challenge to win, for example, Kill the enemy, Kill an enemy with any specified gun, kill an enemy with the knife, kill the flash blinded enemy, kill an enemy with HE Grenade, rescue all hostage, kill a specified number of the enemy. By the way, I want to tell you that my personal favourite weapon in this game is AK-47 and bullpup because through both weapons we can kill the enemy ( terrorist, if you are a counter-terrorist or counter-terrorist if you are a terrorist). When you set the difficult higher the skill of your teammate and terrorist will increase.

Do you know?
đŸ’¡ Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is established by Turtle Rock, Studio, Ritual Entertainment,  and Valve, and published by Value and Sierra Entertainment.

How to Play Counter-Strike: Condition Zero?

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So if you are a counter-terrorist, then you have to kill all the terrorist or defuse the bomb to win the round and if you are a terrorist then you have to kill the counter-terrorist or successfully blast the bomb to destroy your target. To buy a weapon you have to press “B” to open the weapon list hen you have to choose which weapon you want to buy. If you are in a hostage rescue zone then you have to rescue all the hostage or kill all the terrorist or counter-terrorist.

Note: You must have to at least win 3 round and win the number of the round by the led of 2 round to secure your area.

The requirement of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Minimum requirement:

CPU: 500 MHz processor
GPU: 16mb video card
RAM: 96mb ram
Sound: Win-Compatible Sound Card
Store: 500 MB
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP
Recommended peripheral: Mouse, Keyboard
Network: Internet Connection

Recommended system requirements:

RAM: 128mb ram
CPU: 800 MHz processor
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
GPU: 32mb+ video card
Store: 500 MB
Network: Internet Connection
Sound: Win-Compatible Sound Card


If you haven’t played this game till now, so what you are waiting for ? Go now and play these awesome game. I know, you gonna love it. For more, Stay connected with


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