Adding music to iPhone without iTunes now made simpler!!!

iPhone users normally use iTunes to connect their iOS devices to their computer.  Things get tough if you do not have iTunes that forms the backbone of the Apple ecosystem. Google is there to help if you type how to add music to iPhone.  Adding music to iPhone without iTunes now made simpler; 2018.

Adding music to iPhone without iTunes now made simpler. 

Read the three options below that might help a lot.

Adding music to iPhone
                        How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes 2018

Trick 1: Use Google play music

Adding music to iPhone
                                How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes

Herein, users get a complimentary cloud service in which you can upload music from one device and access all the audio, video files on any other device using the same Gmail account. Download your favorite music on your pc and it gets automatically synced with the google play music which you can access by logging into Gmail even while commuting.

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Trick 2: Bring Share It to the rescue

Adding music to iPhone
How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes

If you google how to download music on iPhone, you will see search results pertaining to share it. Wireless transfer between devices gets better with the share it mobile app if it is installed on both the devices. The advantage with share it app is that it can create one hotspot network and transfer files. All you need to ensure is that the iPhone and pc be connected to the same router so that files can be shared easily.

Download Shareit For PC  || iPhone

Trick 3:  Using Air transfer

Adding music to iPhone
Air transfer app

Music lovers across the globe, often want accurate answers on how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone and that too wirelessly. No USB or data cables are required if you download the Air transfer app from the app store offered by Apple. It is not yet there on Android and caters exclusively to iPhone users. 

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Once air transfer is installed on your phone, tap to open it and a drop-down menu will appear on the popup screen. At the right bottom corner, tap on the wi-fi button to connect to your router. Once connected to the router, your app will generate a URL that you can open in the web browser of your pc.

Adding music to iPhone

A screen will open as soon as the link is rendered open on your phone and all you need to do is to hit the done button on the iPhone app and voila both devices are connected over the same wi-fi network. Simply drop the files from pc to iPhone or vice-versa and share audiovisual files without the need of a data cable.

Adding music to iPhone

So, all three possible ways were all about  How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes. Apply all three possibles ways I have discussed above and can easily have music on your iPhone and that without using the iTunes. I hope you like this article and keep sharing with your friends and needy ones. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this as the Dreamy Tricks team will be there to assist you.

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