Payday Loans

Before you choose a payday loan it’s vital that you should think about a few important things just as much as you can. A payday loan is a choice? Prepare to learn how to pay off it. Given that the world of payday lending online has sprung forth, a lot more individuals are capable of getting a payday loan easily. Payday Loans are frequently frowned upon due to the high rates of interest. If you owed money, along with had no money and no credit, what else could you do? Payday cash loans can be a lifesaver if it’s used for a crisis – only you can determine what’s an emergency.

Many times a thing comes up, we freak out and rather than thinking things through and finding other options we quickly react and place ourself in the worst place than we originally started out, thus the presence of payday loans and auto title loans and each other high-interest loans available to people with less than stellar credit. To borrow a payday advance is simple, you generally pay $20 per $100 borrowed or longer. Just what exactly is a payday loan? A payday loan is a quick and fast method to get a little extra money. In many cases, you may easily get a loan of $500.

Probing the Bad Impact of Payday Loans. Payday loan stores appear to be popping up everywhere and many people believe they’re the best things ever, but the truth is they’re the tabloids of the credit business, as much as reputable credit associations are involved. If that many customers are freely deciding to handle them, then why are payday loans bad? Provided that you comprehend this information and do your very best to handle payday loans sensibly, your expertise with these little lifesavers ought to be a favourable one. Payday cash loans are a fantastic resource for all those that need emergency cash fast.

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There are a few numerous reasons that a payday advance will be useful. Payday cash loans are usually high interest, short term loans designed to bail out men and women until their next payday. Borrowers have till the next payday to pay the advance plus interest. What happens if payday loans companies are no longer legally authorized to offer this kind of service? Read on to figure out what the possible scenarios. Next time you’re in dire need of some money, and you would like to get it rapidly, you can consider payday loans. The traditional ways of obtaining a loan were mainly through credit cards or by applying for personal loans.

Require money urgently and do not know where to turn? Payday cash loans have frequently received longer than their share of flak. When used correctly, payday loans have several advantages to offer.

Adding music to iPhone without iTunes now made simpler!!!

iPhone users normally use iTunes to connect their iOS devices to their computer.  Things get tough if you do not have iTunes that forms the backbone of the Apple ecosystem. Google is there to help if you type how to add music to iPhone.  Adding music to iPhone without iTunes now made simpler; 2018.

Adding music to iPhone without iTunes now made simpler. 

Read the three options below that might help a lot.

Adding music to iPhone
                        How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes 2018

Trick 1: Use Google play music

Adding music to iPhone
                                How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes

Herein, users get a complimentary cloud service in which you can upload music from one device and access all the audio, video files on any other device using the same Gmail account. Download your favorite music on your pc and it gets automatically synced with the google play music which you can access by logging into Gmail even while commuting.

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Trick 2: Bring Share It to the rescue

Adding music to iPhone
How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes

If you google how to download music on iPhone, you will see search results pertaining to share it. Wireless transfer between devices gets better with the share it mobile app if it is installed on both the devices. The advantage with share it app is that it can create one hotspot network and transfer files. All you need to ensure is that the iPhone and pc be connected to the same router so that files can be shared easily.

Download Shareit For PC  || iPhone

Trick 3:  Using Air transfer

Adding music to iPhone
Air transfer app

Music lovers across the globe, often want accurate answers on how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone and that too wirelessly. No USB or data cables are required if you download the Air transfer app from the app store offered by Apple. It is not yet there on Android and caters exclusively to iPhone users. 

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Once air transfer is installed on your phone, tap to open it and a drop-down menu will appear on the popup screen. At the right bottom corner, tap on the wi-fi button to connect to your router. Once connected to the router, your app will generate a URL that you can open in the web browser of your pc.

Adding music to iPhone

A screen will open as soon as the link is rendered open on your phone and all you need to do is to hit the done button on the iPhone app and voila both devices are connected over the same wi-fi network. Simply drop the files from pc to iPhone or vice-versa and share audiovisual files without the need of a data cable.

Adding music to iPhone

So, all three possible ways were all about  How to Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes. Apply all three possibles ways I have discussed above and can easily have music on your iPhone and that without using the iTunes. I hope you like this article and keep sharing with your friends and needy ones. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this as the Dreamy Tricks team will be there to assist you.

How to get instant credit using your Android phone?

Its already the third week of the month and you have exhausted your cash balance. So how do you pay your ever-growing phone and internet bills, if no help comes from anywhere?  The answer lies closer to you than you think in your android app phone. Follow the following steps to get 14-days interest free credit and even after that very small interest is levied and you are allowed a lot of time before the bank starts making phone reminders. Let’s know more about how to get instant credit.

Powered by ICICI bank strong technology platform, you need to just download the app called epaylater that will give you interest-free credit from anything between 1500 to 20,000INR that you can use to pay bills, shop at online stores, buy food and get it home delivered.  The only catch is that you cannot get cash in your account, but you will be allotted a credit limit that you can use by clicking on the epaylater option at checkout in all partner shopping destinations. Here’s the step by step instruction to get timely credit, that can prove to be a lifesaver.

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    • Download epaylater from the play store and it does not consume much memory and install it. 
    • Log in using the OTP detection method which validates you as the user of the phone.  If it does not read the ONE-TIME-PASSWORD immediately, press the resend OTP button and copy paste the OTP that comes carefully on your mobile.
    • The number used to get OTP  on this android app should be the same that is connected to your Aadhar, WhatsApp and bank accounts.
    • The algorithm that powers this app decides your credit limit by analyzing your social media profile, financial history in just under two minutes.
  • Very few applicants get rejected and even those with bad credit history can easily get 1500 credit no matter that their CIBIL, Transunion, Equifax score may be.

Wait no further, try this out to quarantine your payment blues.

Top 10 Best Places to Watch TV Serials Free Online !!!

Internet-based tv channels have changed the face of entertainment as people living in remote areas can now access the best of national and international content in English and local languages through the live streaming TV. The websites that we will talk about today in this write up to offer free entertainment and even their paid plans are much cheaper than normal Pay TV channels. The only drawback is that you might have to put up with a plethora of ads while premium web tv channels usually offer an ad-free experience in free Live Tv.

1. Hot star: Free live tv

free live tvAs a flagship product from the Star tv network, it streams both freemium and premium content in English and Hindi. Plus, it offers to the stream of sports content five minutes after the actual telecast. Only credit card payments are accepted to avail of this streaming tv but Hotstar selection of movies, tv series, sports and Hindi movies is unmatched. It has signed exclusive deals with movie producers to gain access to their content and is riding high on the popularity charts in the free live tv space.


free live tv
It has a decent user interface that helps you search for your favourite TV channels but since it offers free content you might have to put up with ads during free Live Tv.

3. Tubi TV:

best free live tvWith 50,000 titles sourced from 200 content providers like MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate. It has two popular categories – not on Netflix and the second category is highly rated on rotten tomato. TubiTV is fully legal and has apps both on android and app store to stream content.


best free live tvHighly rated amongst users in tv online space, this is one website that offers the latest releases and an ad-free experience. Smooth and easy to use interface with a slider at the top displaying the most trending shows/movies added in the recent past.
Online video streaming free
The best place to watch TV serials free online

5. Snag Films:

free live tvA freemium service where you can watch up to 5000 titles for free in various genres. You won‘t get an ad-free experience but it is available in app format in android, iOS, windows, Roku and Smart Tv.
free live tv
The best place to watch TV serials free online


free live tv
Offering a compact and responsive interface, offers free tv series streaming sites for watching both movies and tv shows.
Free live tv
The best place to watch TV serials free online

7. Crackle:

free live tv
A product from Sony, its portfolio of live tv content is a bit less with 120 movies and 40 tv shows but most of it is from universal, fox, paramount, 20th-century fox and similar big banners.


free live tv
With 245 Channels Showing 5 Lakh Movies and Tv Series and Music Videos, This One Is A Hit Amongst Entertainment Buffs.
free live tv
The best place to watch TV serials free online

9. Popcorn Flix:

free live shows
Watch movies seamlessly on this website or on the Android or iOS app offered by the website that lets users pick up from where they left.
free live videos
The best place to watch TV serials free online

10. Yidio or your internet video lists tv and movie websites where you can watch content for free. Choose from over 40 genres and enjoy to the fullest.


Five Best Dating Apps for Singles: Unveiled!!!

Online dating is all set to grow as people have less time to go out and search for available partners who are single and ready to mingle through mutual friends in malls, multiplexes, coffee shops. This kind of model has been replaced by a virtual interaction model wherein people first get to know each other online and then meet offline. Making this virtual handshake possible is dating apps on the android and play store that are the mobile avatar of dating sites that existed ten years ago.

Tinder: dating apps

The most popular of the lot, it claims to connect with you with a partner with similar preferences in less than a minute through its powerful algorithm. Besides, it has a super-like option and allows your profile to be easily discoverable based on age, location, preferences and at the same time, it offers an unmatched personalized dating experience.


Truly Madly:

Finding like-minded partners with similar interests, hobbies just got easier with this truly madly app that is being promoted heavily through above the line and below the line promotional activities. Images can be kept safe from being downloaded and your friends can endorse you to boost your trust score. Few dating apps offer you the facility to play games with your chosen partners online like styletastic, foodie funda, hocus pocus. playing games with a person is one way of getting to know them.



This one ranks high on the android store and positions itself as a platform for well-educated professionals by offering functionalities such as: voice intro, tag search, question cast, direct messaging. This app goes one step further than dating sites and helps you find the best partners based on the interest tags that you have chosen to define your personality.



Quite feature rich in terms of functionalities, it allows users to add pictures, video, audio clips to showcase all that is happening in their lives to the fullest. Add to this the group chat feature, chat rooms and a plethora of games embedded in the app, and you have a memorable and exhilarating experience while making new friends.

dating apps

Ok Cupid:

A bit kinky than other dating apps, this one allows you to find partners based on sexual orientation and matches people based on the distance between their location. There is even a paid version of the app called A-list that helps you see profile visitors, and filter results based on attractiveness, body type and even browse anonymously in incognito mode.

dating apps


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Photo Editing App

Best Photo Editing App for Android

Best Photo Editing App for Android

If you are reading this article then I am pretty sure that there are at least 2 reasons behind it, the first one is you are a photographer (or you have an interest in photo editing) and the second one is your curiosity to know the name of best photo editing app for Android. I know my reader that why you prefer the photo editing app over professional photo editing software. There are mainly two reasons behind it, the first one is many of you can’t afford the high price of professional photo editing tool and the second reason is that the editing process of those professional photo editing software is very complex as compared to any photo editing app. One had ever said that to edit a photo like a pro you need professional photo editing software, in fact, you can edit a photo like a pro by photo editing app if you know the full feature of your photo editing app.

There are many photo editing app in the Google play store. In this article, I will discuss the top 3 photo editing app which is available ion Google Play Store. So are you ready and excited to know the name of the top 3 best photo editing app I know you are! So let’s begin.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the full name of this photo editing app. This editing app marks its place in the first position on my list, because of many reason and feature. In this editing app, first, you have to add a photo which you want to edit like a pro. You can crop, rotate, and change basic things like brightness, contrast, etc. In profiles (like the filter of Instagram), you can use many profiles, some profile is in colour and some are in black & white. If you want to edit like a professional, then go to the Colour option, in which you can do selective colour, which means you can change the colour of any colour. Through this one feature, I love this app so much.

(This photo is edited by Lightroom)


Snapseed stands second in my top 3 best photo editing app. Like Lightroom, in this app you first you have to add photos to the app. Do you know why this app marks its place as 2nd in my list; it is because of 2 reasons. The first reason is its selective editing and the second one is to movie head in any direction in a plane. The style (like the filter of Instagram), is also good. Not only these features, but this app also has many other features, like HDR-Scape, Drama, Tonal Contrast, Vintage, Grainy Film, Lens Blur and many more.

(This photo is edited by Snapseed)


The slogan of this app is ‘Make Awesome’, which absolutely right. Yes, my reader, you can make awesome pic through this photo editing app. The feature which I love the most about this app is that we can make cut out and can add cutout from anywhere to make our pic awesome. If you use this feature with some creativity then you can edit like a pro. Along with this feature, you have also some other feature like Border, Text, Add Photo, etc.

(This photo is edited by PicsArt)


I hope you must download these 3 photo editing app to edit a photo like a pro. Thank You, my lovely reader, for reading the full article.



Horror Game for android

Best Horror Game for Android

Best Horror Game for Android

So you want to download Horror game on your android phone? I know you want to download that’s why you are reading this article. If you love horror game and horror movie then you and I have the same taste. There are lots of horror games which are available in the Google Play Store. If the download size of any game is high, then it is sure that that game has high graphics. So, it’s all depending on you, how much internet data you can spend to download horror game for Android. You can expect very high graphics of horror game which are available in the Google Play Store. My recommendation is that those horror game which download size is near to 100MB or more than 100MB then that game seems to have high graphics.  Rather than downloading 2-3 horror game of low downloading size, download 100MB downloading size of a horror game.

Horror Hospital: Best Horror Game

Horror Game

As the name suggests, there is a horror hospital in this game. The is two part of this game, namely Horror Hospital and Horror hospital 2. I played both the game, so I came to a point that Horror Hospital 2 is better than Horror Hospital (Part 1). Both parts are published by Heisen Games. Now let’s talk about Horror Hospital 2. With over 4.1 star rating and 10M+ download this game rank first in my horror game list. I want to say that if you are a heart patient, then please don’t play this game as I don’t want you to die. Do you know, why I am saying this because the ghost or demon appears suddenly in front of you. Many users of this game are waiting for the release of part 3 i.e. Horror Hospital 3.

Horror Hospital

If you love to play horror games then you should try this game. The main feature of this game is spooky atmosphere, amazing graphics, a gripping story, and detailed areas.

The Fear 3: Horror Game

Horror Game Android

The Fear 3: Creepy Scream House Horror Game is the full name of this game. With over 4.1 star rating and 100k+ downloads, this horror game marks its place in 2nd position in my best horror game of Android. There is a total of 3 part of this game and this is the 3rd part of it. This horror game is divided into many small parts in which you have to complete the objective. If you fell directionless then this horror game indicates you with the yellow line that where you have to go (as you can see in this picture).

Best horror game

You can control the sensitivity through the setting. This game is available in many languages like Hindi, English (US and American), Russian, Chinese, French, German and many more. The only things I hate the most about this game is that non-skip able ads i.e. you have to watch full ads.


In this article, I mention the best 2 horror game of Android. I hope you will download and play this horror game. See you in my next tech blog, till then take care!


How to download YouTube Videos in Mobile

How to download YouTube video on Mobile

How to download YouTube video on Mobile

Hello reader, welcome back to dreamytricks. Today, we will learn how to download YouTube videos on Mobile. As I know, many of you watch YouTube videos through your mobile phone that why I think to write on How to download YouTube videos on the mobile phone, rather than how to download YouTube videos on PC. If you have very high-speed Wi-Fi with unlimited data then you wish to watch YouTube videos on PC, otherwise, the mobile phone is best. The screen of PC or Laptop is greater than the mobile phone, that’s why watching YouTube videos in PC will consume more internet than watching YouTube videos on a mobile phone. Many of you will question that if YouTube gives us downloading option in YouTube official app then why we need to go for another downloading method. The answer to this question is very simple i.e. you can store any YouTube video in your YouTube official App only for few days. So, if you want to download YouTube videos for permanently then you have to use another method (which means methods other than downloading YouTube videos in YouTube Official app). See, according to my knowledge, there are mainly 2 methods to download YouTube videos on the mobile phone. First one is Download YouTube videos by Third-Party app and the second one is Download YouTube videos by the website. So let’s talk about these 2 methods in detail.]

Note: You can’t find these apps in Google Play Store or in Apple Play Store, because downloading YouTube videos is a kind illegal things. If you want to download YouTube videos just for personal use (i.e. for listening, etc.) then it is legal, but when you re-upload or reproduce any YouTube videos on YouTube to earn money then it is illegal.


Download YouTube videos by Third-Party app

To download YouTube videos on a mobile phone, you have to use Third-party app. Through the third-party app, you can download YouTube videos directly into the gallery of your mobile phone. You have to download these third-parties from the Google Play Store. These third-party apps will ask you in which quality you want to download YouTube videos. The point to be noted that only some third party app has the feature to download YouTube videos in 4k (if that video is in 4k quality). Some of the famous third-party app (to download YouTube videos) is SnapTube, Videoder, TubeMate, etc. You have to download the apk file of these third-party apps because it disobeys play store policy. My recommendation is to download the apk file of these apps only form their main site, otherwise, there are lots of people who are eagerly waiting to fool people like you.

Download YouTube Video

Download YouTube videos by website

There are so many websites which are available on the internet to download YouTube videos. Unlike the previous method, in this method, you will not face any difficulty while downloading YouTube videos. In this method, you just have to copy the link of YouTube video which you want to download and then paste it in the website. The name of the famous YouTube Downloading Website is, 4kdownload and many more.



I hope you love this article which is on How to download YouTube video. If you think this article is helpful and informative, then share this article as much as you can. Thank You!

Tik Tok

Tiktok the new emerging craze among youth

Tiktok the new emerging craze among youth

Tik Tok earlier names as An app mostly uses for entertainment purposes. Tiktok is an application where you can create videos as per your creativity allows.

What is TikTok all about?

Tik Tok is basically an application used to make videos. This app consists of lots of features which attracts the young generation. You can share your videos with your friends your family and many more. This application has a lot of features which you can use to make your video more appealing. The application store consists of lots of video making applications but Tiktok has overshadowed the rest of them. Its popularity can be seen in every part of this globe. Special the teenagers and the youth are super crazy for this application.

An application which turns a normal human being into celebrity

Tik Tok popular Girl

This application has made many overnight stars. Some of the Tik Tok videos get so popular in social media that the artists performing in the video become overnight stars. This app has a scoreboard for the respective country and internationally. The artist among the top 10 positions is highly popular. These actors worked very hard to be on the number one position.

Tik tock Challenge which comes every week makes the user go crazy.

There are challenges related to videos which come every week. The user of this app goes crazy to participate in this challenge. They were lots of crazy challenges which got superb amongst its user.

Tiktok Ban

TikTok Ban

A few months earlier this app was banned in India. But now this band has been removed. This ban hit the headlines of all the major News channels and websites. Many users go to the extent of risking their life for making tiktok videos.
Everything has its pros and cons. This application is meant for entertainment purpose, and it is cool to use and enjoy its features. But don’t get addicted and be mature enough to use this application properly without risking ours and others life.

Spoken English enhancement videos on Tik Tok

There are many accounts on Tik Tok that helps the user to enhance their vocabulary as well as spoken English. There are lots of such type of account created on Tiktok for the people learning English. The videos are made in a very fun and interesting way so that the user or the learner can learn spoken English in a fun way. When we study something in a fun way we tend to remember it for a longer time.

Tiktok is a platform for artists to showcase their art

This app has also emerged as a stage for artists to showcase their artistic skills such as dance, singing, paintings, and many more. The user of Tik Tok can enjoy those arts and appreciate them as well. This also encourages the artist to use there best potential challenge and work harder on their art.

TikTok as an addiction

Tiktok is meant for entertainment purpose. But there are some users that are addicted to this app. Excess of anything is dangerous we all know it right. As a smart user of this app, we should not get addicted to it. We should enjoy this app and we should use this app for the portrayal of our art or hidden talent.

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Download Instagram Story

How to Download Instagram stories

How to Download Instagram stories

So an Instagrammer is reading this article, right? I know I am right. If you aren’t an Instagrammer, and still want to read this article then this says that you have curiosity, and I love these types of people. So, I know nowadays everyone has an account on Instagram because Instagram is a very popular social networking site among all.

What is Instagram Story?

In simple, we can say that the Instagram story is just like a Whatsapp story. There is almost no difference between Instagram story and Whatsapp story, like you can see who seen your story, you can manage who can see your story (by hiding them) and the person who sees your story can reply. The only difference between stories of these to app is that, in Whatsapp only your phone contact can see your story (if they have WhatsApp account and they had added your WhatsApp number) whereas in Instagram only your follower can see your story (if your account is private) or everyone can see your story i.e. Follower+ Anyone ( if your account is public). The photo or video remain in your story just for 24 hours, which means after 24 hours it’s disappeared. There is two more difference between Instagram story and Whatsapp story, first one is you and the person who sees your story can share your story; and the second one is you can see your own story after 24 hours from achieve, whereas in Whatsapp there is no such feature.

Do you know? 
💡 You can increase you’re the view if your Instagram Story by adding location and hashtag (#) in your story.

instagram story download app

How to download video of Instagram Story?

I know my question was “How to download Instagram stories”, but now I changed the question to “How to download Instagram Videos of Instagram Story” because in stories you can upload photo and videos. So, if you want to download the photo from other Instagram story then simply screenshot that, this is the reason why I changed the question “How to download Instagram stories?” to “How to download Videos of the Instagram story?”

Almost every user of Instagram, use Instagram by their mobile phone (via Instagram official App). To download the Instagram story of others, you have to install the Instagram story download app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. If you type Instagram Saver, Instagram Story Downloader, Instagram Story Saver, Instagram Story download, Instagram download, etc. then you can see a lot of apps through which you can download Instagram Story. The name of such app is Story saver for Stories App, Story saver for Instagram, Story Save-Instagram Stories, Story saver for Instagram, etc. My personal favourite Instagram story downloader app is Story Saver for Stories App.

My Tip
💡 These apps are a third-party app, so we can trust them for our personal data. When you open these apps then you have to login in Instagram to download Instagram stories. My tip is not to use these apps, my tip is to login in Instagram in these apps through a fake id, so that your personal information is safe and secure. I am your tech adviser so I have to take care of your personal data and information too.


So how are you feeling now after knowing the answer of how to download Instagram stories?  I hope you get satisfied with my answer. I wish you have a nice day.

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